Eliana Gerotto signs the section on the Middle Ages to the exhibition The Magnificent Form _ HOMI 2015 and design for Venice Factory the new collection Wedding at Orvieto that will be presented here in preview .

Conceived for the exhibition, the collection addresses the theme of the Banquet in the Middle Ages. Plates, trays, cutlery, glasses and jugs of the Collection offer a starting point for a dialogue between shapes and the decoration of the Italian Middle Ages and contemporary design and offer a game between the matter, where the olive wood hand carved welcomes 3D printed objects.

LA MAGNIFICA FORMA 04, – HOMI Milano, settembre 12-15 2015
Milan/HOMI Fiera di Milano, Rho (testo)


The Negroponte and Gondola Jewels Collections
are for sale in Milan at the store of SPAZIO ROSSANA ORLANDI.
VENICE FACTORY translates in its new collections
the heritage of the authentic Venetian tradition.

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Crowned “The Queen of Design” by the New York Times, Rossana Orlandi, is better known for a role discovering and championing new designers.
This year she is a “Women for Expo 2015” Ambassador.

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Spazio Rossana Orlandi, located in a former tie factory on Via Matteo Bandello in the Magenta neighborhood of Milan, is part design-shop, part gallery, part sun-dappled courtyard cafe – and it’s always a highlight of Milan Design Week.
You arrive through metal gates adorned with the letters RO, walked under an installation of woven lights, and into a sun-dappled courtyard, alive with passionate conversation between designers and design lovers, and start to explore what Rossana Orlandi had brought together for the occasion.

Milan / SPAZIO ROSSANA ORLANDI – Via Matteo Bandello 14-16

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The Negroponte and Gondola Jewels Collections
are for sale in Venice at QSHOP in Querini Stampalia Foundation.
VENICE FACTORY translates in its new collections
the heritage of the authentic Venetian tradition.

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Gondola e Negroponte Jewels Collections

Palazzo Querini Stampalia is the headquarters of the current Fondazione, instituted to preserve the entire patrimony of this prestigious Venetian family. The sumptuous eighteenth-century palazzo, decorated with all of its original furnishings, is rich in major works of art: it houses paintings by Giovanni Bellini, Giambattista Tiepolo, Jacopo Palma the Elder and the Younger, to cite only a few. The most famous part of the collection is a vast body of pictorial works documenting eighteenth-century Venice: around one-hundred works including seventy-seven views by Gabriele Bella, depicting traditional Venetian life, special events and popular festivals, and around thirty genre scenes by Pietro Longhi. Equally important and well-known is the porcelain collection.
The originality of this old Venetian palazzo lies in its successful blend of the memory of a magnificent past with modern brilliance. In the 1960s, architect Carlo Scarpa completed one of the most interesting projects in the city, restoring the ground floor and reorganizing access to the Palazzo.

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Venezia / Palazzo Querini Stampalia – Museo


Le collezioni dei gioielli NEGROPONTE e GONDOLA sono in vendita a Vicenza al bookshop del nuovo MUSEO DEL GIOIELLO alla Basilica Palladiana.

Venice Factory esprime nei suoi prodotti l’eredità della preziosa tradizione veneziana.

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Le collezioni Negroponte e Gondola

A Vicenza, all’interno della cinquecentesca Basilica Palladiana, è stato inaugurato il primo museo del gioiello in Italia, uno spazio permanente dedicato esclusivamente al gioiello.

Il percorso, proposto dal direttore del museo Alba Cappellieri, si sviluppa in nove sale tematiche che accolgono 400 gioielli e accompagnano i visitatori in un percorso inedito, nel tempo e nelle culture, dalla preistoria al futuro.

I gioielli sono presentati tra le cromie cipriate dei rosa e degli aranci fino a materializzarsi nei colori metallici del rame e degli ori. Il progetto dell’allestimento è stato curato dalla designer di fama internazionale Patricia Urquiola. Le soluzioni innovative nelle luci, nei materiali e nelle coloriture hanno definito degli spazi di eleganza contemporanea.

Vicenza / MUSEO DEL GIOIELLO – Basilica Palladiana


The Barocco Tray Collection
is on sale in Verona at the bookshop of the exibition:
PAOLO VERONESE – The Illusion Of Reality.
VENICE FACTORY translates in its new collections
the heritage of the authentic Venetian tradition.

Barocco Tray Collection

The monographic exhibition features about 100 works, comprising both paintings and drawings, originating from prestigious Italian and international museums. It has been organised in association with the National Gallery in London.
Paolo Caliari (1528–1588) of Verona (hence ‘Veronese’) was one of the most renowned and sought-after artists working in Venice in the 16th century. A virtuoso and a craftsman, Veronese created works ranging from complex frescoes to altarpieces, devotional paintings, mythological, allegorical and historical pictures, and portraits.

Having once adorned churches, palaces, villas and public buildings in Venice and throughout the Veneto region, they are inseparable from our vision of Renaissance Venice.

Verona / Palazzo della Gran Guardia from July 5th to October 5th 2014



Salizada San Samuele, San Marco 3336

Fondamenta Giustinian 8, Murano – Venezia


Via della Scrofa, 114

NIMA&RAY Concept Store
Via Boncompagni, 53/55