The BAROCCO trays at the bookshop of VERONESE Exibition

The Barocco Tray Collection
is on sale in Verona at the bookshop of the exibition:
PAOLO VERONESE – The Illusion Of Reality.
VENICE FACTORY translates in its new collections
the heritage of the authentic Venetian tradition.

Barocco Tray Collection

The monographic exhibition features about 100 works, comprising both paintings and drawings, originating from prestigious Italian and international museums. It has been organised in association with the National Gallery in London.
Paolo Caliari (1528–1588) of Verona (hence ‘Veronese’) was one of the most renowned and sought-after artists working in Venice in the 16th century. A virtuoso and a craftsman, Veronese created works ranging from complex frescoes to altarpieces, devotional paintings, mythological, allegorical and historical pictures, and portraits.

Having once adorned churches, palaces, villas and public buildings in Venice and throughout the Veneto region, they are inseparable from our vision of Renaissance Venice.

Verona / Palazzo della Gran Guardia from July 5th to October 5th 2014

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